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2021 Real Property 25 Hour Solution (MP3)


Self-study hours are logged by the listener and the one page list is kept in an MCLE compliance folder. The log requires a listing of each program title, the program's approved MCLE provider name, program length, and whether or not that program contains mandatory subfield credit (legal ethics, elimination of bias, or prevention of substance abuse.)

Participatory hours require a proctor (any adult who is not simultaneously using the same program for participatory credit) to complete and sign documents accompanying each participatory program. Those completed and signed documents are subsequently returned to Versatape and individual certificates of compliance are prepared and returned to the listener to be filed in a MCLE compliance folder. Versatape will also keep a copy of the certificates of compliance on file. If audited the State Bar will be looking for a copy of those completed certificates of compliance and a copy of the self -study hours log.

Note: Please note MCLE audio program hours listened to in excess of 25 hours in a 3-year compliance period cannot be carried over into the next 3-year cycle.

What's the Difference?

There are three options for building MCLE Audio Packages:

Turnkey Solution
Just click and add the select audio package to your cart and we will assemble it for you based on best selling and recent programs.

Choose Your Interested Areas of Law
Choose your categories of interest and we will select available programs from the areas you choose. Additionally, you can add specific programs SKU's numbers which will be included in your package in addition to your preferred categories.

Assemble Your Own
Assemble your own 12 hour, 13 hour. or 25 hour package. Simply copy and paste the SKU number of each program you would like included into the Specific Programs Desired section and we will build your custom package for you. Remember to include the required subfield hours (if you need them): 4 hours of legal ethics, 1 hour of the elimination of bias and 1 hour of the prevention of substance abuse programs to your list (we can select them for you if you desire).

How They Work

This 25 hour Real Property package provides 100% of your 3-year MCLE obligation

15 Hours of Real Property Law Credit, 4 Hours of General Interest Credit, 4 hours of Legal Ethics Credit, 1 hour each of Competence Issues and Elimination of Bias Credit. 25 Hours.

Participatory Audio Programs: This package contains 12 75 hours of Real Property programs you will listen to for “Participatory Credit”. 

The programs include:

  • ADA Compliance: Retail and Commercial (MCLE 1 hour)
  • Expert Witnesses: Water Resources (MCLE 1 hour)
  • COVID-19 Effect on Tenants and Landlords (MCLE 1 hour)
  • Business/Property Appraisals for Litigation  (MCLE 1 hour)
  • Mystery of Advanced 1031 Exchange Strategies (MCLE 1 hour)
  • Property and Business Insurance Coverage (MCLE 1 hour)
  • Real Estate and Construction Litigation  (MCLE 1 hour)
  • Zero Equity Properties in a Good/Bad Economy (MCLE 1 hour)
  • Navigate Relationships with Resident Managers (MCLE 1 hour)
  • Office Leasing: The Tenant’s Perspective (MCLE .75 hour)
  • 1031 Exchange Basics  (MCLE 1 hour)
  • Prop 65 Effect on Business & Real Estate (MCLE 1 hour)
  • Financing, Promissory Notes, Trust Deeds (MCLE 1 hour)

This package contains 13 corresponding “Participatory Proctor Logs” which you will print out, fill out for each of the above 13 participatory programs. Those logs are sent to Versatape and MCLE Certificates of Completion are prepared and returned to you to file in a MCLE file folder. When you receive your MCLE Certificates you are DONE with your MCLE Participatory Program Requirement

Self Study Audio Programs: This package also contains 12 hours of programs you will listen to for “Self Study Credit” (Includes the 6 hours of mandatory subfields.  The programs include:

  • Financial Planning and Your Practice  (MCLE 1 hour)
  • Behind the Scenes of Reverse Mortgages  (MCLE 1 hour)
  • Video Mediations and Privacy Issues (MCLE 1 hour)
  • Update on Cannabis Laws  (MCLE 1 hour)
  • Cannabis, & Real Estate High-Level Issues (MCLE 1 hour)
  • Business Success Planning (MCLE 1 hour)
  • Arbitrations Update (MCLE 1 hour) 

MCLE Mandatory Subfield Audio Programs

  • 2020 Prevention of Substance Abuse (MCLE 1 Hour Competence Issues)
  • Hot Tips Regarding Legal Malpractice (MCLE 1 Hour Legal Ethics)
  • Eliminating Harassment Discrimination  (MCLE 1 Hour Bias)
  • Avoiding Bar Discipline Part 2 (MCLE 1 Hour Legal Ethics)
  • 20SFVBA-8A Avoiding Bar Discipline Part 1 (MCLE 1 Hour Legal Ethics)
  • 20SFVBA-10 Client Trust Accounting (MCLE 1 hour Legal Ethics)

Also included in this package are miscellaneous documents. One is a one-page self study log. You will print the blank log out and fill it out one line for each of the above 12 Self Study designated Audio Programs. YOU KEEP THIS ON FILE. (This and the above completed MCLE CERTIFICATES OF COMPLETION are the evidence the State Bar will request from you if they select you for an audio.

Also included in this package are 25 PDF files containing all of the Programs printed handouts on PDF. You do not need to review these handouts for MCLE credit. They do contain valuable supplemental information on the corresponding MCLE audio Programs.

Listening to these 25 hours of programs and following the instructions will COMPLETELY fulfill your 25 Hour MCLE requirement for your current MCLE requirement.

25 Hour Packages are also available in the following areas: Bankruptcy, General Interest, Trusts and Estates, Litigation, Taxation, Workers’ Compensation (All include the mandatory subfields). Plus, anyone is invited to select all 25 hours individually, or mix and match by giving us multiple areas of the law: eg: Business/Litigation etc.

Thank you for your interest in our product. Programs are available on:

MP3 automatic downloads to your email (useable on your computer or smart phone) ($179)

MP3 copied onto a Flash Drive and mailed to you (useable on your computer, in dash USB port) ($179, plus tax and shipping)

25 Audio CDs mailed to you (useable on your computer or CD player) ($279, plus tax and shipping).

Versatape has been producing continuing legal education for attorneys for 38 years (starting 11 years before MCLE became a requirement in 1992)

Interested? Contact us during routine business hours at (800) 468-2737 Monday through Friday. And thank you again for your interest.

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Programs by MCLE Approved Providers:

San Fernando Valley Bar Association (#451)

Pasadena Bar Association (#531)

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